Monday, September 5, 2016

Highland Village Museum

Our adventure today was to visit the Highland Village Museum. This is a walking tour that takes you on a trip through Gaelic Folklife from Gaelic Scotland 1770s through Gaelic Nova Scotia 1920s.  The staff were dressed in clothing of the period and answered questions of daily life as it were back then.

This is The Black House.  A typical home in Gaelic Scotland (1770s-1830s)

This was the sleeping quarters for the old and the very young.  Everyone else slept on the floor.

The Gaelics faced many changes in their living conditions after arriving in Nova Scotia.  Over the years (1770s - 1850s) they resided in "The Log House" and then "The Centre Chimney House".
The Log House. 
Inside of the Log House.
The Centre Chinmey House.
Ladies working.
One of the ladies sang while this lady danced for us.

Inside the Centre Chimney House.

From (1850s - 1880s) the Gaelics lived in the "Centre Hallway House". 
Centre Hallway House.

Ladies visiting at the Centre Hallway House.  They answered questions about their daily life.

From (1180s - 1920s) the Gaelics built and lived in the "Turn of the Century House".
Turn of the Century House.
The stove in the "Turn of the Century House",
A telephone switchboard inside the "Turn of the Century House".  Not everyone had one of these, just the operator.  The annual salary for the operator was around $50.00 a year.  This particular switchboard was last used in 1975.

The next few pictures are from the other buildings in the village. 
The schoolhouse.
Inside the schoolhouse.
Another view inside the schoolhouse.
The Church.
Inside the Church.
The General Store.
Inside the General Store.
The Post Offie inside the General Store.
The Forge
Inside the Forge.
The Carding Mill.

We enjoyed our tour of the Highland Village. It gives you a glimpse of what life for the Gaelic was like.

Tomorrow we will be taking another drive along the Cabot Trail in the opposite direction and checking out a few places we didn't see before. 

Laugh everyday.  Happy trails.  Stay safe.

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