Sunday, September 4, 2016

Touring the Cabot Trail.

Steve and Sandy and John and I were up early on our way to tour the Cabot Trail.  The Cabot Trail is a scenic roadway in Northern Victoria County and Inverness County.  The route, in miles, is approximately 185 miles in length.  It completes a loop around the Northern tip of the island and runs through the scenic Cape Breton Highlands.  Today was the first sunny clear day we have had so we hit the road with cameras ready.   Below is a sampling of our day's adventure.

John and Steve taking photos.
Our lunch spot.  We picnicked close enough to hear the sounds of a nearby waterfall.  


Neil's Harbor Lighthouse.
Neil's Harbor.
St. Paul's Island Lighthouse.
After a long day of riding and sightseeing we stopped in at Harbourview Restaurant for an early dinner. The food and service were both great.

John, me, Sandy and Steve.
This was our view from our table.

We had a wonderful day touring the Cabot Trail. It is always fun to share adventures with friends. 

Laugh everyday.  Happy trails.  Stay safe. 


  1. To bad you didn't have more time on the Cabot Trail, there are so many stops and sights to see and trails to hike. We spent about 10 days in total going around the Cabot Trail and up to Meat Cove. The scenery there is spectacular.

    Glad you enjoyed your day and had a sunny one to boot!

  2. It was exactly 30 years ago this week that I and my orange Volkswagen camper van were in Cape Breton doing the Cabot Trail just as you fine folks did. Your photos brought back some enjoyable memories for me:))

  3. We did the trail lsat summer. It is a long drive but beautiful:)