Tuesday, July 8, 2014

We're still here.

It has been a few days since our last post.  The internet service hasn't been the best so downloading pictures and posting blogs have been a slow ordeal.  Just wanted everyone to know we are still here  just a little behind on blogging.

Judy and I have been busy trying to complete the Loon Survey at Tamarac.  The weather has been a major factor.  One day it rained and was too windy so we had to wait until things cleared up.   

We had a fun filled July 4th weekend.  Judy's daughter, granddaughters, son and daughter-in-law were visiting her and we all got together for a little bit of BBQ.  Thanks Judy for intiving us.  We really enjoyed the food and the visit. 

From left to right: Phoebe, Crystal, Avery, Daniel, Robin, Judy and John. 

Right after our big meal the rain moved in.  Oh no!  Lucky for us it did not last long.   After the rain stopped we were all back outside.  We had games to play. 

Avery and Phoebe discussing their Ladder Golf scores.   They were so cute playing it.

John even pulled out the old dulcimer to play for us.  When the bugs started getting bad we all went in for the night. 

On Sunday morning John worked at the Visitor Center alone while Judy and I planned to finish our Loon Surveys. We had three lakes left and time was running out to get the surveys done.  Judy's son Daniel and daughter-in-law Crystal came along with us.  

We arrived at the first lake and found Leechers on the lake in a canoe so it was a total wash.  Notations were made on the survey sheet.  This meant Judy and I would have to return at another time and try again. 

Judy hard at work.

Judy and I in the back of the truck looking for loons.  This was one of the locations where we couldn't park off of the road because of the rain saturated grounds.   There was also tall grass so we needed a higher vantage point for viewing.  Don't you just love our orange vests?  We were styling.

Moving from location to location to do the surveys gives us a great opportunity to take photographs.  You never know what you will see here.  It is so cool. 

The last two surveys were completed around lunchtime so we headed back in.  I joined John at the Visitor Center to finish up the work day. 

This geese family spent the afternoon hanging out at the Visitor Center.  The babies are getting big.

Judy's son Daniel and daughter-in-law Crystal went fishing in the afternoon.  They weren't gone very long and returned with some nice fish for dinner.  Our thanks to them and Judy for a wonderful dinner that night. 

Daniel the chef.

We enjoyed meeting and sharing the 4th with Judy and her family.  Fun times. 

 The sunset from Judy's site.

Monday rolled around and it was a work day.  John was off to cut fallen trees with the fire crew from Detroit Lakes Wetlands office and Judy and I were off  to finish one last survey.   Unfortunately, the leechers were on the lake again so we weren't able to complete that survey.  Oh well, we tried. 

Tuesday John went out with the crew to finishing cutting fallen trees and I worked at the Visitor Center.  Tomorrow will be our last work day of the week.

Laugh everyday.  Happy trails.  Stay safe. 

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  1. Sounds like you are having a great time up there. We were in Northern Wisconsin for 3 days with family..I love those Northwoods...I'll be Judy is just a hoot to work with...