Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Cross Your Fingers

The rain has ended and Russell will be over in the morning when we get off from the FD to hopefully fix the leak. Counting myself, he will be the forth person to try to stop the leak. Quiet FD day, the guy just left the station with the van to take home for his wife to test drive so I should know if it is sold when he brings it back later this afternoon (fingers crossed). Bridget said Ken has finished the other bedroom, the house still looks like a bomb went off. Bridget and I had lunch with Robert and Kelsey at McB's. They went over to the house when they left McB's to get stuff out of the garage and lay claims to some of our "stuff". Some of it will have to stay in the house until it is sold to give it the "lived in" feel. The Realtor sent me an email today checking on the progress of the repairs. We had originally told him we would like to have it on the market by the end on July. It is looking more like the first week of August as my brother and SIL will be up from Florida visiting July 26-August 1. Ken will still be painting during that week so we will have a house full. Monday we will be going down to Crystal Springs to visit with my mom and have a cook out there. Left to paint is the master bedroom, master closet, garage, storage room, breakfast area and kitchen. That's it for now.

Stay Safe

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  1. Looks like you are closing in on getting it all done.