Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Woke up this morning to pouring down rain, Dawg rode his motorcycle to work yesterday and had to drive down to Crystal Springs this morning so I loaned him my van and I used Kipp's truck to get home. Bridget was at the hospital with Mary and I had to go over and get a key to the house. Stopped by Lowes to pick up some grout supplies. Got home and had a certified letter from Terminix for an inside house inspection. I set up an appointment for 2-4pm and waited. At 4:30 I called and they said it was not in the computer and made a 11-1p appointment for tomorrow. Painter came by and picked up a cabinet door to match the paint, he will start painting tomorrow. Bridget has been doing a great job cleaning out the rooms, there is a lot of stuff in here. Goodwill run tomorrow. Looks like tomorrow will be a busy day as I am also scheduled for the 3p-11p mall shift.

Stay Safe

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