Saturday, July 11, 2009

Day With Friends

Bridget picked me up from the FD at 7am as the van is being used by a co-workers son (He is looking at buying a van). Got home, hooked up to the trailer and we were off by 8 to Martin Lake Resort in Biloxi, MS. We arrived just before 11 and set up. We spent the day with Marty (Bridget's friend and former co-worker from the City of Jackson) and Teeter (Marty's son), she had lunch ready when we arrived. Bridget and Marty chatted about old times and caught up on recent news. I am not sure but I think I took a nap. Teeter arrived shortly after 4 and we headed out to The Shed at almost 5 for an early dinner. The Shed was featured on Diners, Drive-Inns and Dives. The food was great. We will meet Marty for Breakfast at Denny's.

Stay Safe

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  1. We want to see that area again. The last time we were there was when a hurricane went through and nothing was left. Jim spent time there for AirForce training.