Saturday, February 27, 2010

Happy Birthday Mom Hatch and Aunt Martha.

John is supposed to be off today. :) Today is Mom Hatch and Aunt Martha’s 81st birthday. We met them and John’s sister Mary Lee and her husband Steve for lunch at Cafe Azteca in Brandon. Cafe Azteca is an authentic Mexican restaurant that serves large portions at a decent price. From the outside it looks like a dump but the food is great.

After lunch John and I drove over and checked out a couple of campgrounds as possible places to park once the house is sold. The closest place that we were thinking about parking at is under renovation and will not be able to accommodate us for a while. What a bummer.

We returned home and I got on the Wii for my daily workout and John went to the FD to fill in for another firefighter for an hour or so. After my workout I started emptying the remaining items out of the guest bedroom closet. When John returned he started on the guest bathroom cabinets. This was just too much fun. LOL

While we were out today another realtor showed the house again. I will be happy when all this house stuff is finished.

Remember to laugh everyday. Happy trails. Stay safe.


  1. I know how all that was not that long ago we were doing the same thing. Seems like you wait and wait for your house to sell and when it does you don't realize how much work you have left to do.

  2. It will be done before you know it. The really difficult part is getting rid of things you can't take with you in your new life. I'm really happy for you guys - and hope it is all you are dreaming of.