Friday, February 12, 2010

Mississippi Snow Day

Just some pictures of our snow in Mississippi and around the Madison area, Madison Fire also had a house fire this morning. I am working the 3-11 shift at the mall this afternoon. Our temps are hoovering right above freezing (33 degrees) and the snow has just about stopped (1:45pm). Low tonight is 27.

Double click on pics for larger size.

IMGP0285 Fred in the back yard

IMGP0286 Fred digging for something

IMGP0287 “FRED”!!IMGP0288Running insideIMGP0290 Still snowing at 12:30pmIMGP0289 Snow was to stop at 11am,

right at 4” at our home

IMGP0291 Back patio

IMGP0292 SnowmenIMGP0293SnowmanIMGP0294IMGP0295IMGP0297 An old shedIMGP0299Northbound at Main St.IMGP0298 Southbound at Main St.

IMGP0300CabooseIMGP0301Old Madison-Ridgeland High School Band Hall

IMGP0302 The old school, soon to be Tulane University satellite campus in Madison

IMGP0303IMGP0304Old Southbound Dorrah St crossing, now Madison Ave crossing

IMGP0316IMGP0317 IMGP0318 IMGP0319 IMGP0320 Our subdivisionIMGP0325 Our houseIMGP0309 House fire in MadisonIMGP0310Engine crewIMGP0315 Fire in the garage


  1. I bet it is cold out there. We are freezing here. Lost the electric and living off the generator off and on. Leaving tomorrow to take our RV in for warranty work. We will be working in Springhill Louisian next week and staying in Arkansas. Only place we can use our corprate card.

  2. Oh, Great! Pictures today!
    Thank you for sharing your part of the world.
    Happy Trails, Penny, TX

  3. Great pictures. Love looking at snow as long as I don't have to be in it!

  4. It looks like a winter wonderland John & Bridget!

    As long as it goes away in a day or so its exciting.

    Stay warm.


  5. Nice pictures, reminds me of why we are in Arizona not home in WI! LOL
    Our youngest son is a fire fighter back in WI. I can not imagine doing that kind of work in below zero temps! BURRR!!!
    I am really proud of him.
    Keep up the excellent blogging and safe travels!