Friday, May 21, 2010

Mission Scrubbed

Made two trips to Lowes for stuff to finish mounting the auto satellite dish on the roof. We purchased the Winegard Automatic Portable Dish and I ordered the mounting plate for it. I mounted the plate on the ladder at the back of the trailer. It will travel on the trailer but by removing one bolt I can bring it down and place it in a 50' radius of the trailer.

I also mounted the plaque C-Shift gave me to put in the trailer, I mounted it above my recliner.

After lunch Fred and I took a nap, Bridget said a long nap. We took a walk around the park after our nap. As the sun was setting we sat outside and I practiced on my dulcimer for a while. While watching the local news we saw they were going to launch a rocket tonight for a new GPS satellite so we loaded into the truck and headed out. Only stop was at an Edy's Ice Cream Shop. The launch was scheduled for 11:28pm but the mission was canceled so at 11:50 we headed back. Arrived just before 1am. That was our day.

Stay Safe

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