Sunday, May 2, 2010

Rain Continues

Woke up to rain and a warm trailer.  We have lost power to half of our trailer.  I did check what I could and found we have power on L1 and L2 entering the trailer but only power on L1 at the breaker box.  I didn’t feel like tracking down the problem in the rain so I will wait for it to stop.  I rewired one of the A/C units to the microwave breaker (both are 20amp) so we don’t have microwave oven capabilities but we do have one A/C unit.  I also woke up with a sore throat and did not sleep well last night.  After breakfast and internet surfing I took a nap.  Mack called and invited us out to their “ponderosa”.  Mack and Brenda have a beautiful place out in the country complete with chickens.  It was great to see Mack, Brenda and the kids this weekend they have grown so much.  We headed back home around 6:30, Fred was ready for dinner.  Waiting for the rain to stop but it looks like it will be following us.  Tomorrow is a travel day to Summerdale, Al.

Stay Safe 

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  1. That is strange to lose power to one side after the plug. I wonder if they have a junction somewhere under the trailer? Let me know what you find out.