Monday, October 25, 2010

Post Office, Mall and Water Show.

Up early for the morning walk with Fred.  I walked on the other trail this morning.  It was still a little foggy when I left and there were deer still out walking round.  Did not have my camera though.  Maybe I will get a picture of them tomorrow.

Later in the day Mike, Leslie, John and I rode into town.  Our first stop was the post office. Leslie took a picture of me with Flat Clayton.


It was very windy today so we tried to hurry and get the picture.

We ventured on to downtown Branson to a shopping mall.  On our stroll we saw a Brookstone’s and decided to checkout the new gadgets.  John tried out the massage chair.  I think he fell asleep for a few minutes. 


Flat Clayton wanted to try it out too.

While walking along the main thoroughfare we heard an announcement for a brief water show at the dock area so off we went to see it.  Music started playing and the water and fire shot up with intervals of the music.  Very cool to watch.


We browsed through a few more stores then left to make another Wal-mart run. Gotta love Wal-mart.

Tonight John and I went over to Mike and Leslies for dinner.  We had some delicious brats, steamed squash with rice and sautéed’ mushrooms.  For dessert we had lemon blossom cake that John had baked earlier in the day.

After our delicious dinner we watch the movie “Mad Money”.  No 10 Penny tonight. 

Laugh everyday.  Happy trails.  Stay safe.


  1. I love your header picture absolutely beautiful!

  2. Oh your Flat Clayton brought back some fun memory, it's only 12 years ago but I have already forgotten, but ours (forgot her name) didn't get to travel far... :(

    Same here, love your header picture very much!

  3. We love Branson! And I could sit and watch the water show all day. :) Have fun and safe travels to you.