Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Border's, WM and Air Cards

Woke up to temps in the upper 50's/low 60's. It lasted until 4 pm then the temp started dropping to the 30's by 7pm and an overnight low in the mid 20's. BLAH!! After the bad weather, winds and rains passed we made a trip to Border's so they could show Bridget how to download books to her Kobo, from there we headed out to Walmart for a grocery run. That about sums up our day.

Plan on heading out to TX mid February then North to the DRV plant for warranty work.

We also received emails and comments about our 20G air card. Here is the lowdown. It is through Millenicom and they offer 20G and Unlimited plans. The 20G is Verizon and the unlimited is Sprint. We have Verizon now and enjoy the coverage so we went with the 20G plan. We cannot tell a difference between what we had and what we have now other then the price decrease. We have a Cradlepoint PHS300 wireless router and the Millenicom air card (Novatel U760 Device) works with our PHS300 and also has an external antenna port. Hope this answers your questions about our new air card.

Stay Safe


  1. Thanks for the info on the air cards... we have AT&T 5G and it stinks. We use to have unlimited with them and they said we were granfathered in but oh no we are not! So we are considering changing to Verizon.Not sure what we want to do yet~~~and I want to add the truck looks GREAT!
    Have fun & Travel Safe

  2. Don't know where you are headed in Texas, but there sure are some neat places to see!!! We miss it!
    Oh....blizzard arrived as scheduled..couldn't open our back door...snowed in...

  3. Let us know when you head to Texas. Maybe we can connect here.

    Question about the aircard -- have you checked the download speed on it? Sounds like it might be a reasonable change for us if it is fast enough.