Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Burgers in Mineola

Drove in to Tyler to pick up the door switches for the Freightliner.  John installed them while in the parking lot. Now the lights work in the cab when the door is open.  Yeah!!!

After leaving Tyler we detoured over to Mineola to have lunch at a place called East Texas Hamburger Company.  John got a burger basket which consisted of 1/2 pound burger with hand cut fries.  I chose a 1/4 burger.  Since the desserts are homemade we decided to veer away from the diet food just a little bit and try some.  John got the coconut cream pie and I got the carrot cake.  They were both yummy.  John said it was the best coconut cream pie he has ever had.

001 John getting ready to devour his burger and fries.

002 Oh that first bite was sooooooo good! LOL

Now that we were all filled up from lunch we walked around a little bit before heading back to Canton.  Of course I took a few pictures.

003 The bench outside the burger place.

004 Hamburger man outside the restaurant.  I thought he was cute.


006 Love the iron benches.


008 Gazebo in historic downtown Mineola.

009 Train depot downtown.

Laugh everyday.  Happy trails.  Stay safe.


  1. Hey that looks like a fun place to visit. That is what we do when we go to all these little towns to work. We walk around and see what is there. Some folks miss so much going just to the tourist traps.

  2. Mineola remind me of our Sandwich USED to be...What a step back in time...and John in his shorts really hacks me off! More snow due here tonight...2-6"...can hardly wait to shovel again...NOT!