Sunday, February 27, 2011

Happy Birthday Mom Hatch & Aunt Martha.

Today is Mom Hatch and her twin sister Martha Noe’s birthdays. We wish them a very Happy Birthday and will be seeing them on March 1st.

Today is travel day for us. Our destination will be Millwood Landing in Ashdown, Arkansas. Joe and Sherri invited us over for breakfast this morning. Sherri served us some awesome omelets, bacon and muffins. Thanks so much for a delicious breakfast Sherri and Joe.

We have enjoyed spending time with Joe and Sherri and hope to meet up with them again real soon. Joe still remains the champ at 10 Penny so you know there will be a re-match. LOL

Around 3:00 we rolled into Millwood Landing. Thanks to Carol and Johnny we have a site with great satellite reception. They loaned us there site while were are here. We appreciate it very much.

001 Fred chilling out after our three hour drive today.

After getting everything set up John went into town in search of wooden dowels to temporarily fix our sink problem. Since today is Sunday the hardware store was closed so he went on over to Wal-mart. The clerk who was helping John told him they did not have any wooden dowels but he did have some pieces of pallets out back. John came back, got out the saw and now the sink is stable.

002 The sink before the temporary fix.

004 The sink after the temporary fix.

002 See John’s handy work.

This should hold us until we make it to the DRV plant on March 21st.

Laugh everyday. Happy trails. Stay safe.


  1. I's a likin' that pallet idea. Maybe I oughta get one or too fer Ol' 5th Wheel cause havin' the sink fall out ain't a happened yet, but its a movin' up the list.

    See ya posted on my blogger thing bout not a knowin' which rode we was on. It were the black one, and now we's a staying at place where the black one hits a red one, so ya should have no trouble a findin' us, it bein' on yer map and all.


  2. Glad to know the satellite is working out. Wish we were there to visit!

  3. That I.M.Vayne is killin'me here..LMAO.. We are trying to get the ice and snow to stop for the FD5 arrival...but, IS Illinois. Happy Birthday to the twins!! ...and...nice temp. fix on the sink....McGuyver II.

  4. "Necessity is the mother of invention!"
    Jolly good fix there.
    Happy Trails, Penny, TX