Friday, July 26, 2013

The Back Room.

Aunt Eloise’s property has a bayou that runs through it.  She and John noticed the water starting to back up so John decided to go check out the source.  A bridge that crosses over the bayou on the other end of the property had logs and sticks causing a blockage.  After lunch John went over to clear out the blockage.  He was able to get a large portion of it removed so hopefully things we be back to normal.
Tonight John and I went with Aunt Eloise and her grandson, Nathaniel to The Back Room.  The Back Room is a unique restaurant that has a magician who performs card tricks and other magic at the tables of the customers.  We ate here on our visit two years ago and enjoyed it very much.  The magician, Dan Jimmerson, is an old friend of Aunt Eloise so she was glad to visit with him.  If you are in the area Mr. Jimmerson performs magic and card tricks at The Back Room every Thursday night.    Thanks Aunt Eloise for treating us to such a nice night out.  
Dan making balloon animals for the children at the table across from us.
Nathaniel watching Dan make his balloon dog.
Dan doing a magic trick for Nathaniel.
Nathaniel showing us his pocket watch.
Nathaniel and John enjoying their dinner.  This place has delicious Indian Fry Bread.
Nathaniel leaving The Back Room.
Laugh everyday.  Happy trails.  Stay safe.


  1. What fun. I think those balloon animals are great. Looks like Nathaniel was enjoying himself.

  2. That picture with John and Nathaniel...Did Nathaniel manage to get all his dinner? John looks like he was scoping it out!!!...LOL!