Monday, October 14, 2013

San Francisco Oven

We joined Steve and Jannel on a trip to Springfield today.  Our first stop was Camping World to get a few RV things.  After leaving Camping World we all agreed it was time for some lunch.  We ate at a placed called The San Francisco Oven.  Steve and Jannel have eaten here before and enjoyed it.   John and I both got a combo that consisted of half a sandwich, pasta salad and soup or green salad.

This was my lunch.  Half a Chipotle Turkey sandwich, garden salad and pasta salad. Yummy!

This was John's lunch.  He had half a 49er grinder, turkey chili and pasta salad.  I wasn't fast enough to get a picture of the sandwich before he started eating it.  He said it was very very good.

Our last stop the Bass Pro Outlet store and Bass Pro where John found some shorts on clearance.  Over the summer his shorts have just about all been worn out.  He was glad to find some new ones. 

We invited Steve and Jannel over for dinner tonight.  John grilled pineapple brats to go along with the slaw he made.  Jannel made a spicy jalapeno cranberry sauce to accompany the meal.  It was delicous.  Thanks Jannel we really liked it.  Topped it all off with a dish of Butterfinger ice cream.  We enjoyed spending our day with them. 

Fred enjoying getting a belly rub from Jannel.  

Laugh everyday.  Happy trails.  Stay safe. 


  1. it's 9:20 am here in the Eastern timezone and it looks like you have rain... I love the weather gadget! I must look for it...

  2. Where the Heck did you get Butterfinger Ice Cream? Den's fav candy bar is Butterfinger!!!!

    1. Walmart, Edy's Butterfinger Ice Cream, it was yummy.