Monday, February 3, 2014

Happy Birthday Bill.

Today John's brother Bill is celebrating his birthday.  Happy Birthday Bill.
Bill and Tambra 

This morning when we all got to work there was no electricity on the first floor of our building.  That was not good for us because we work on the first floor.  While the problem was being fixed we were set up "temporarily" in a conference room on the third floor. 
Laurie, Kathy and Debbie (These are the great ladies that I work with.)  
Yesterday was Laurie's birthday so we celebrated today.  Debbie made a delicious lemon lime cake.  It was so good. 

The electricity problem was fixed before noon and we moved back to our office.  Yeah!!!!

Tonight John and I met Bill and Tambra at Moss Creek Fish House.  Bill and Tambra live in Arkansas and we don't get to see them much so we enjoyed visiting with with them over dinner.  They were in town visiting a new grandbaby and a new great grandbaby.  Wow!  It seems like everyone around here is having babies.

Laugh everyday.  Happy trails.  Stay safe.

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  1. I hope the baby boom is on hold here for a time. We have so many birthdays and less money to spend on all of them. Seems like every time we turn around we have a birthday coming up.