Thursday, February 27, 2014

Happy Birthday Mom Hatch

Today Mom Hatch is celebrating her 85th birthday today.  Happy Birthday Mom.  We love you.
Mom Hatch

Up early this morning and off to pick up Ava. Our time here is growing short so we wanted to spend some time with her while we can.  One of our stops was the Build-A-Bear workshop at the local mall.   After considering several options Ava finally chose just the right bear.

Ava with the bear she chose.  She and Peepaw waiting to get the bear filled. 

Getting ready to step on the pedal.
Here we go.....

Ava picking out a  heart to put in her bear.

Here goes the heart.  Almost done.  We also put in a recording from John and I to Ava so she can hear it when she squeezes it. 

The first hug.

After leaving the mall we met up with Annie (Nee Nee) for lunch then on to her office.  The ladies who work with Annie wanted to meet Ava so that was a perfect time. Our last stop was the RV.   Fred was so interested in Ava he followed her around. 

Fred intently watching Ava.

John and Ava people watching.

Ava finishing off her dinner.

We enjoyed our day with Ava and are so glad we got to spend this time with her.  By the time we get back to Mississippi in a few months,  Ava and Shelby will probably be ready to go on some adventures.  It will be interesting. LOL   

Laugh everyday.  Happy trails.  Stay safe. 

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  1. Gottta love the "Build a Bear" places...Puts a personal touch on the bear made just by the child...Yep, those 2 grands will sprout up by the time you get back..Our grands are shooting up this past 4 months!!