Sunday, March 1, 2015

Birthday Cake and Dinner at the Silver Saddle.

We arrived in Tucson on Friday and got set up in one of the parking areas of the fairgrounds.  We will be moving to our permanent location in a day or two.  Getting ready for all of our parking team members to arrive. It is going to be fun.

Today our friends Barb and Bob arrived and got all set up. He will be heading up the security team.  

This afternoon a large group of us had a late lunch at the Silver Saddle Steak House.  Lisa and I have birthday's this week and the group presented us with a birthday cake.  

 Our cake.  Thanks guys. 

The food and cake were both delicious and, as usual, there were lots of laughs.  We keep ourselves entertained. LOL 

Wanda modeling the ribbons from the cake.

John, Wallace, Roger and Jim.


Bob and Mark.

Wallace, Roger, Jim, Dortha, Barb W., Lisa and Barb M.   (By the look on Wallace's face you can tell he loves getting his picture taken)

The temperatures have been rather mild since our arrival.  The wind however is a different story.  It gets rather gusty in the afternoons.  

Looking forward to the arrival of the rest of the staff. 

Laugh everyday.  Happy trails.  Stay safe. 

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