Friday, March 27, 2015

That's a big tree!

 Yesterday we arrived in Leggett, CA and are staying Redwoods River Resort.  This is a beautiful park with tall Redwood trees.  The site is 30 AMP but with all the trees there is enough shade to keep things cool so we don't the air conditioning.

This is our site.  So cool.... we are parked right in between two large Redwood trees. 
Today was sightseeing day.   It was around lunch time before we got our start so John found us a burger place to eat. 

We both had a burger with onion rings.  It was quite tasty.

We drove down Avenue of the Giants to see the giant Redwood trees.  We visited the area way back in the early 90s but the sight of these trees never gets old. 

 John standing by a fallen tree that has been cut on one of the trails.  Now that was big tree.   These definitely are one of nature's wonders. 

John standing at the root of a fallen tree. 

I am standing at the bottom left edge of this tree.  I thought I was small before but I feel very tiny up against this redwood.

John standing a the bottom right of this tree.  

Back in December of 1964 there was a flood in this area.  

Here is the pole indicating the water level.  I can't image the water getting that high.

This was an odd looking tree.
From the side it kind of looks like a face of some me that is.

I could't resist taking a picture with water in it  and 
a picture with a bridge in it.

Don't know what we will do tomorrow but I am sure we will come up with something.  

Laugh everyday.  Happy trails.  Stay safe. 


  1. How is it going driving a big rig on 101 and how long going north will you be on it? My last trip down 101 with a 9' shorter rig heading south from Oregon was stressful. I'm trying to figure out a way to get to Brookings, OR.

  2. We have a whole scrapbook of photos we took when we drove up the West Coast..and Avenue of the Giants was one of our favorites..That was before we had an RV..would love to do that drive now..Mt. St. Helen was a real neat place too..They have a film of when the thing blew...and I believe some of the damage might still be there.

  3. Fun! I have pictures of the boys in some of those very same spots last summer!! We loved the Redwoods . . . and Sequoia, too!

  4. Not sure where you're heading, but if you get near Trees of Mystery you should check it out,

  5. Have not seen the Redwoods yet hope to one day. Man those onion rings and burger made me hungry.

  6. headed that direction in a couple of months. . .we surely appreciate you guys heading out first, and giving us pointer. . .thanks. . .LOL!

    Like Judy. . .will be interested to hear about taking the rig up HWY 101. . .please keep us all informed. . .

    and I agree. . .I thought there was a person inside the cavity of that tree, with their head sticking out, before I even read your description. . .