Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Foot versus wine bottle.

No much going on around here lately.  From time to time our son and daughter-in-law post new pictures of the grandbabies on facebook so we can see how big they are getting.  My favorite thing is to facetime them.

Shelby and Ava.

Ava and Shelby.

John has been mowing his assigned areas and I have been working at the Wildlife Center.  The Tualatin River Wildlife Center is a busy place.  Since it is an urban refuge we get lots of people from Sherwood and surrounding cities and towns.  I have enjoyed meeting the local volunteers who also work there.   Some of the visitors are quite interesting.  Last week we had a man come in with a opposum in a crate in the back of his car.  He thought it was ok to let it loose on the refuge and was not happy when we told he could not.  Later that same day, we had a lady who found a snake in the drain next to the parking area and wanted it rescued.  She was told to leave the snake alone and that it would leave on its own.  She wasn't convinced so she proceeded to jab at it with a stick.  The volunteer I was working with saw her do this and made her stop.

Monday night I was cooking dinner and decided to make a salad to go along with it.  I reached inside the refrigerator to grab the celery package and a bottle of wine came out with it and promptly landed on foot BAD foot.  The top of the bottle hit the third toe on my right foot right at the cuticle area.  It hurt so bad I almost fell on the floor.  Unfortunately I said some very very bad words.  John jumped up to help me into the shower to wash the blood off and see how bad it was.  The bottle tore the nail away form the cuticle so it is a nasty thing to look at.  The pain was terrible and I am so glad I still had pain pills from when I went to the foot doctor back in November.  They sure came in handy. 

The refuge staff had a farewell lunch today for Aubrey who was on assignment here for a month.  She is returning to Chincoteauge National Wildlife Refuge in Virginia.  She will be missed.  We enjoyed meeting and working with her and wish her safe travels. 

John, Bonnie, Jenna, Brenda, Lily, Aubrey, Eva, John S., Trevor and Erin.

Laugh everyday.  Happy trails.  Stay safe. 


  1. Sure hope that foot heals OK...Nothing hurts worse than a foot injury!! My feet aren't the best, I had foot surgery on one..and then I fell down our camper steps (we had pulled that side up on blocks to level the Hiker and I forgot when I stepped down)..Take those drugs and keep that foot up..I didn't go walking with Dennis for 3 weeks..I took bike rides instead..

  2. Ouch! I sure hope the foot feels better soon! How is the wine bottle?