Saturday, April 18, 2015

Trip to Multnomah Falls and Mt. Hood.

It was a beautiful day today with sunny skies and warm temperatures.  The best kind of day for a road trip.  We decided to go and see Multnomah Falls and Mt. Hood.  The last time we were in this area was in 2005 but the beauty of the area never gets old.   Our first stop was Multnomah Falls.  There were lots of other people there also.  The trail up to the bridge was rather crowded so you had to take turns getting pictures from the bridge.

After walking up to the upper bridge and taking a few pictures we were off to Mt. Hood.   Along the way we encountered a bit of snow on the road. 

Still a pretty good bit of snow. 

Tomorrow is a work day for me at the visitor center....only three hours.  John is off tomorrow.  

Laugh everyday.  Happy trails.  Stay safe.


  1. Beautiful pictures of Mt Hood and Multnomah Falls. I love the shorts standing by the snow bank!

  2. Nice! When we were there last year, we would always catch a glimpse of Mt. Hood, but I never could find a spot to get a good picture of it!

  3. Love the shorts and snow in the same shot!