Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Class of 2007 Happy Hour

This morning Leland, John and I were part of the Full-Timing Discussion Panel which was moderated by Roger.  We had a large group of attendees and a lively discussion.
Discussion Panel
John, Me, Leland and Roger.
After arriving back at our RV we were surprised by a visit from Donna and Keith.  We all thought they would not be coming to the Escapades so it was a real surprise when Donna knocked on our door.  It was good to see them.
Tonight the Class of 2007 gathered for Happy Hour.  One last time to get everyone together before the closing ceremony tomorrow.
Chuck-Bob a/k/a Chuckles
Donna, Bob and John.
When happy hour was over we headed over to the prize drawings and Ham-O-Rama talent show.  Lots of talented people.  A couple of fellow parking team members won prizes. 
Can’t believe tomorrow will be the last day of the rally.  It passed by so fast. 
Laugh everyday.  Happy trails.  Stay safe.

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