Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Made it to Kalispell and a visit with Annie and Terry.

We left Gillette, WY today after John was finished with the Golf Hop.  He, Chuck and Judy came in second.  Not bad at all.   We got on the road after 2:30 p.m. and drove to Billings and fueled.  We unhooked the car and I drove ahead of John to find a place to pick up a to-go diner.  John stopped at a rest area and I caught up with him there.  When I pulled in I saw him at a C class RV with the hood up.  Turns out it was a couple from Canada traveling with their daughter.  They started at the East coast and were driving to the West coast.  Their RV was an older gas engine Ford with the known "vapor lock" issue which they were use to.  They were set up in lawn chairs and had a grill going with salmon, sure looked yummy.  I either didn't get their names or forgot what they were.  We had our diner and left them with one of our travel cards.   We continued on to our stopping place for the night in Livingston, MT.  Due to the rodeo all the campgrounds in the area were full.  We ended up at “Camp Walmart” in Butte, Montana around midnight.  There were lots of other RVs in the Walmart parking lot besides us that night.  At first it was a little noisy but we soon fell asleep and woke up rested and ready to go.
When we were a short distance from Kalispell we stopped and unhooked the car and I followed along behind John.  Just as we drove into Kalispell John pulled over into a car dealership.  I knew something must not be right when he jumped out and opened the hood of the Freightliner.  Lucky for us it was a cheap fix…… only 69 cents.  The airline supplying the rear tank for the brakes had come loose.  Of course we didn’t have the exact size clamp he needed so he jumped in the car and found a hardware store open 1 mile from the dealership.  The good news was they had the size clamp he needed, the bad news was he had no money on him.  Lucky for John they took the debit card for the small purchase.  It took less than 15 minutes for him to fix and we were on our way again.
John at work.

After getting settled in at Aunt Eloise’s Acre we went over for a visit.   Below are pictures of her beautiful flowers.

Annie and Terry arrived this morning after their stay in Essex, MT.  We all went over to visit with Aunt Eloise.  Annie and Terry loved all the plants and the beautiful scenery.  I took a few more pictures of the flowers and scenery.
If you look close you can see a little white spider at the bottom center of the flower.
Tonight we had to run an errand in town so we decided to eat dinner while we were out.  We chose Moose’s Pizza.  Several RV friends have commented on how good it was so we gave it a try.  It was very good but they take cash only.
Annie, John and I shared this one, the "Combo".
Terry’s pizza, the "Meat Lovers".
Oops, caught Terry with his eyes closed.
Now he looks shocked. LOL
It was very dark in there so we were playing with the flash trying to get decent pictures.
Annie and Terry went with us to visit with Aunt Eloise again. 
Me, Aunt Eloise, Annie and Terry behind us.
Tomorrow Annie and Terry will be leaving  and traveling on to Yellowstone and a few other destinations before returning home.  We enjoyed our visit with them very much.  Safe travels to them as they journey on.
Laugh everyday.   Happy trails. Stay safe.

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