Saturday, July 27, 2013

Ladies day out.

Today Aunt Eloise and I had a ladies day out.  Our first stop was Crevier’s School of Cosmetology for hair cuts.  This is the place she and I went to two years ago when we were visiting.  A very good place to go.  Our next stop was Herberger’s at the mall.  They were having a big  75% off sale but neither of us found anything we just couldn’t live without.  On our way out of the mall we decided to have lunch at Dairy Queen.   Finally, our last stop was Super One grocery store.  Love the produce there.   
When we got home John had already baked a carrot soufflé to go with our quinoa and baked lemon shrimp for dinner.  Very tasty.
We ended our evening with a couple rounds of 10 Penny and deer watching.  Just before dark we saw a buck with three does right out Aunt Eloise's back door. 
Sorry the picture is blurry.  This is zoomed in a much as I could get.  Here are two does with the buck.  Last  night there were two bucks walking around out there.
Laugh everyday.  Happy trail.  Stay safe.