Sunday, June 22, 2014

Bird hitches a ride.

Yesterday was our last day off for a few days.  We spent it chilling out, doing a few household chores and taking an afternoon ride through the refuge.  There is always something interesting to see and photograph.   Our plan was to drive to the Pine Lake area to photograph more Pink Lady Slippers.

On the way John noticed a beaver swimming in one of the ponds.  Of course we stopped to watch and snap a photo. 

Sorry the photo is blurry.  I zoomed in as far as I could hoping to get a picture of him. 

Upon our arrival at the Pine Lake area we saw lots of Pink Lady Slippers.  

So pretty and so unusual.

We rode around a little while longer then decided to head home before the rain started.  Just before the turn off to the maintenance road John saw a little deer so we stopped to look at him.  The funny thing was he was carrying a bird on his back. 
I guess the bird was hitching a ride. LOL   Too cute not to photograph. 

Today John and I worked at the Visitor Center.  As usual there were lots of birds and squirrels hanging around the feeders. 
Gold Finches and Purple Finches.

Gold Finches
This little guy stuffed himself all day long. 

We had a total of 39 visitors at the center; 11 of those attened the 2:00 p.m. movie.  Later this afternoon two of the fox kits ran past the Visitor Center's back window.  Unfortunately I wasn't quick enough to get a picture.  Maybe next time. 

Tomorrow is another work day for us.  John will be mowing various locations in the refuge and I will be at the Visitor Center.  

Laugh everyday.  Happy trails.  Stay safe. 

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  1. How wonderful to see so much beautiful wildlife..I would be in Heaven!