Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Hey, there's a bear!

Up early and off to work.  John had mowing to do.  I accompanied Judy to the recycling center and then checked trails for fallen trees.  Judy and I were on the way to pick up the recycling bins when we saw a bear.  We were both so excited to see it.  We were scrambling to get our cameras and, of course, the bear swiftly moved along.  I managed to get a partial picture of him.  Not a very good one but I was glad to get it.

If you look closely you can make out his ears. 
Here's a closer look.  Sorry it is so blurry. 

After all the "bear" excitement we loaded up the recycling bins and were off to town to drop it off.  We covered lots of ground today, checked a few trails and got some pretty cool pictures. 

Lots of butterflies flying around.  I think this might be a Slivery Checkerspot.  I checked the butterfly book but there are so many that look almost identical to it I couldn't tell for sure.

A turtle enjoying th sun.

A White Admiral.
A Killdeer running around by the shop area.

Tomorrow will be another mowing day for John and I will be riding with Judy checking trails again.  Hopefully we will see lots of interesting things to photograph. 

Laugh everyday.  Happy trails.  Stay safe. 


  1. You and Judy sound like me..I get so darn excited by a wildlife spotting that while I'm scrambling for my camera, I miss just enjoying the moment!

  2. Are you guys anywhere near all the flooding and bad weather that is hitting the state of MN?? I worry about you being up there this time of year...it is especially bad this year too.....be careful....

    1. No bad weather here, the flooding is South of us. Just evening rain showers.

  3. A bear...how neat is that!!!!!!! I would be pretty excited too!!!

  4. Awesome -- a bear sighting! Great shots of the other wildlife you saw too.

  5. What do you get when you volunteer at these places? Sounds like the chores aren't much more demanding than the ones I have around here!

  6. That bear is as close (or closer) than I would want to get!!!!! Yepper, I am a big chicken when it comes to animals that can eat a mere human. Sounds like you guys are keeping busy and entertained.

  7. apparentlly you guys are having a good time. love the pics