Friday, June 20, 2014

Pink Lady Slippers are here.

Off from work again today.  The weather was beautiful this morning with sunny skies and 63 degrees. This afternoon we were sitting in the RV watching TV when there was a knock on the door.  It was our neighbor and fellow volunteer Judy.  She told us we had a visitor under our RV.  It seems Mr. Snapping Turtle was resting for a bit.

Judy worked this morning at the Visitor Center and one of the visitors reported seeing Pink Lady Slippers blooming.  Judy was going to look for them and invited us to go along.  
Pink Lady Slippers.  

The flowers were blooming along Highway 29 that runs through the refuge.  They only bloom for about 2 weeks.  We were all snapping pictures and soon other people stopped to join in.   I think these unusual flowers are so pretty. 

After photographing the Pink Lady Slippers we decided to check another site to see if they were blooming there also.  We did find a few more located at Highway 143 and Highway 35.  Since we were already out we decided to check one of the trails for fallen trees.  We found a small tree that John moved off the road and three trees that would have to be removed with the help of a saw.  As usual we found lots to take pictures of. 

I was finallly able to photograph a dragonfly.
Butterflies on a turtle egg.
A heron.

Also, while we were out, we rode over to the place were the young swans were hanging out. 

They are such elegant looking creatures. 

By the time we arrived back home the clouds were turning gray and we knew it was going to rain.  Before going inside John took pictures of our site, the garage and the maintenance building. 

This is where the resident volunteers park.  There are 2 RV pads with 50A FHU.

The garage.  The truck with the trailer is the one John uses.  Judy's truck is parked next to it. 

The building with all the doors is the maintenance shop. 

It rained for a short while then began to clear up again.  This has been the pattern for a few days now.   Tomorrow is our last day off for the week.    Thank you Judy for inviting us along for the ride today. 

Laugh everyday.  Happy trails.  Stay safe. 

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