Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Bike

This morning one of the FF's truck would not start and he was needing to go to his part time job so I let him use my van. I tried several times unsuccessfully to get it started, nothing. Robert works up the road at Gateway Tire and Service so another FF and I towed Nathan's truck down to Gateway. Parked it, tried starting it, nothing. Mechanic gets to it and it started right up, figures. Pulls it inside and puts the scanner on it and everything shows okay. Nathan finished his side job around noon and stopped by Gateway to swap out vehicles. He took me to lunch at Mama Hamil's Buffet, I'm telling you if you are in the area this is a must stop for lunch.
After lunch I called to check on my bike, it was ready so I went to Pearl to pick it up. Got it back to the house and said to myself, self, you should go riding. I rode out about 6 miles which is a bad thing seeing how I haven't ridden in years and now I have to get back. Needless to say I am worn out.

Stay Safe

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