Monday, October 20, 2008

Need Sleep

Went to bed last night a little after 11 and just as I got to sleep we had a fire alarm with reported smoke in the hallways and evacuation in progress of one of the hotels. We arrived to find nothing, some of the occupants said they saw a haze. We searched all three floors and found nothing. We checked HVAC, light ballast, rooms, everything. The thermal imaging camera did not detect anything. I don't like leaving the scene until I am comfortable enough that I would go to sleep in the building. After searching almost an hour, we let the occupants back to their rooms and we returned to service. After a little over 5 hours of sleep it was time to get up and get ready for job #2. We had a busy morning blowing off the sidewalks, the leaves are starting to fall. More cleaning after lunch then time to go home. I am making a cheesecake for Miles and Cesilly, they have the same birthday one year apart. Their birthday is Friday, it has been awhile since I had made a cheesecake so I am making a practice one tonight. Thursday will be birthday cake day. That's it for now.

Stay Safe

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