Thursday, October 2, 2008

One Forth of One Thousand Pounds

That is what I weighed this morning, 250 pounds. I am officially watching my weight, my goal is 200 or below by January. That is when I will be shopping for health insurance when I retire some time in 2009. We have decided on an HSA (Health Saving Account) with a high deductible (10k), you can read more about HSA's at , Howard has a great explanation.

This morning was errands to the bank, pharmacy, wallyworld, post office and then to lunch with Bridget, Kay, Bo, Frank and Jeffrey. Kay has her cancer treatment this evening, she has them every Friday. Bo is Kay's husband, I worked with him at the FD, he retired in 2003. Jeffrey is Kay's brother and moved back from New Orleans yesterday. Frank works in the warehouse at TSC with Bridget and Kay.

After lunch, I know I shouldn't have but I took a nap, when I got up I started the kitchen cabinet painting project by caulking the baseboards getting them ready for paint. I hate painting, painting is for painters and I am not a painter, Dee is a painter. Dee is a chatter and said she and Jim were coming over to paint, still waiting Dee.

See you in chat.

Stay Safe

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  1. Ohhhh how I WISH I could be there to paint. I have our place to paint but won't take but a day. I'm only painting a couple walls. I'll be there in spirit. If we already had our rig and on the road, I'd be there with bells on.