Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Getting The House Ready

The link in yesterdays post now works thanks to Al. He emailed me directions, after working with it a few minutes I got it figured out. Today was hot, yesterday and today reached 100 degrees, cool front coming through, Fridays high is only 96. Got home from FD and started trimming tree limbs in the front yard (Realtor suggested) and hauling them to the street for pick up. Made a trip to Lowes to pick up some electrical supplies, I am moving the trailer plug closer to the trailer. Also I have a Koi pond in the back yard that I am having removed and the backyard graded so I can lay sod (Realtor suggested). I will take the trailer to Jenksy's Friday, John Mitchell (FD) will be coming over Monday for the above backyard work. He will haul in dirt for the backyard and crushed rock around the trailer site. In the backyard all I will have left is the tree limb trimming, hope to get that done Friday or Saturday. Front yard I just have to cut back the shrubs and it will be done. Inside painting starts July 10th and after that it will go on the market.

Stay Safe


  1. Wow, you're getting close! It would be neat if both of us get on the road at the same time.

  2. You know it has been a while sense I had the chance to read your journal...here I am back and your still working...Now you are starting to make me feel bad.