Friday, June 12, 2009

What A Great Day

Today started out with pancakes and bacon then after getting ready we headed out to Josh and Lindsay's in Pasadena about 9am. It has been a while since I have seen Josh and only pictures of Lindsay. Josh was standing out on his balcony when we arrived, still the same ole Josh. We went up and he met us at the door. All I can say about Lindsay is she is a sweetheart, fun to be around and has a wonderful personality. Josh and Lindsay surprised me with a birthday gift. Also, sent back t-shirts for Dawg that Dawg forgot on his last visit.We sat and talked in their living room about old times and looked at their wedding pictures. They were married in November 2008 in Josh's parents back yard. They were not able to take a honeymoon after they were married until last month. They took a cruise to England and after spending time there flew back to the states. We left their house and they took us into Baltimore and to the station Josh works at "The house of Engine 8" which along with E8 also has a medic unit (M15), a tiller ladder truck (T10) and a battalion chief (BC3). We left there and headed to the Abbey Burger Bistro where Bridget and I both had a Buffalo blue cheese burger and onion rings. Thanks Josh and Lindsay for a wonderful lunch. After lunch we drove down to Annapolis to the downtown area and by the Naval Academy. We were going by Josh's parents house on the way back and Josh saw his dad's vehicle in the driveway so we stopped. We ended up waking Josh's dad from his nap, sorry about that Rob. We went in and met his dad for the first time and he showed us his backyard which was beautiful. He has spend years working on it. I could see why Lindsay wanted to have the wedding there. Bridget and I were sitting in a double swing and her side broke. Actually the nut came off the eye bolt. We had a good laugh from that but Rob being the safety guy will add that to the annual safety checklist. Josh made reservations for supper at Bonefish Grill for the six of us for 7:15, his mother Cindy got off from work at 7:15 and was there by 7:35. After a wonderful supper we headed back to Gettysburg and were back by 10pm. Fred was happy to see us and saved his restroom break until we got back. Bridget fed him then they went for a walk and he did his business. Tomorrow we have a 3 hour drive down to Gordonsville, VA.

Stay Safe

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  1. It was great to see you both, we had a wonderful time spending the day with "yall". Thank you for a great dinner and last but not least HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!

    Josh and Linds