Saturday, June 13, 2009

My 47th

This morning after getting up, we slept in til 9am, I took the truck down and pressure washed the 5'ver hitch then re-lubed it. I try to do this monthly to keep the grit and leaves from binding up the slider hitch. Got back from that and started getting ready to hit the road when "BOOM". Our site was next to the re-enactment field. They were firing muskets and cannons. Muskets "boom", cannons "BOOM". Fred was not a happy camper dog. Bridget and Fred walked to the front of the park while I hooked up. After dumping the holding tank I headed out picking Bridget and Fred up at the front gate. We took Hwy 15 S down to Gordonsville, a 3 hour drive. We arrived at the gate of Shenandoah Crossing Resort & Country Club we were amazed by the beauty of this park. Our site has an outdoor sink with hot and cold water and granite counter, a stainless steel BBQ grill, an array of outdoor furniture, all concrete level pad, 50amp, water, sewer, and cable. After my steak, potato and salad birthday dinner we had a 3 minute cake which is made in the microwave in a coffee mug. Then we walked through the park, all paved and very clean. They are having a Carriage Rally at this park. We will definitely be back here in the future. It has started raining so we are now inside. Tomorrow we will drive down to Richmond to the IMAX theater to see the Taking of Pelham 123.

Stay Safe


  1. Happy Birthday, hope you enjoyed..
    How about some pictures of the park you are at?? Please!!

  2. John, I hope you had a great birthday. It sounds like you celebrated at a great place. Poor Fred, I know he was scared. Sounds like from talking with Bridget the other day y'all have seen some great sights! Take pictures and more pictures. Terry and I went to a wedding last night. They had 13 attendants! It was outside and very hot!