Thursday, November 4, 2010

Purple Berries & Wilhelmina State Park

Today John’s brother Bill and wife Tambra took us around the area to see their 40 acre mountain property. Bill has done some clearing work up there so we were able to drive up most of the way. On the property there is an old house, barn and shed left behind from the previous owner. Bill has cleaned out the house and the area surrounding it. Don’t know exactly what the plans are for it yet. John took a few picture while walking the property with Bill.


003John’s brother Bill.




While John and Bill were walking the perimeter of the property Tambra and I sat on the tailgate of the truck chatting. Before long two deer pranced by. I wish I could have gotten a picture. Right after the deer went by John and Bill returned. I had noticed some purple looking berries and ask Bill if he knew what they were. He said he didn’t know but he would try one. Always the joker….he tasted one then proceed to fall out on the ground like he had been poisoned.



009He so funny.

Still don’t know what those berries are. Will have to research and see if I can find anything about them.

We left the mountain property then proceed on to Queen Wilhelmina State Park. On the way up we got some nice photos of some trees with changing leaves and mountains.







We decided to have lunch at the Queen Wilhelmina State Park Lodge. They have a nice buffet and the scenery is awesome. There is also an RV park with water and 30 amp. We stayed here back in the late 90's on our way out to Oklahoma.

024 Queen Wilhelmina State Park Lodge

Tonight we all gathered around to watch the movie “The Hangover”. Tambra had not seen it before and the rest of us liked it so well that we didn’t mind seeing it again. After the movie we moved to the dining table for a round of 10 Penny. The cards were not nice to me tonight. I came in dead last with a score well over 500 points! Bill won the game with score of 40 points. Wow!! I think he has caught on too quick to this game. LOL

Laugh everyday. Happy trails. Stay safe.


  1. Bill's property looks a lot like the 40 acres we just sold...Those berries are "Purple Beautyberrys" and they make great wine and jelly!
    Wilhelmina is one gorgeous place! Enjoy! K

  2. Bill looks just like Dad Hatch in those pics! Tell him and Tambra hello and they need to come for a visit.