Saturday, November 20, 2010

Wii is working again.

John went back to the audio shop this morning so the tech could show him all the bells and whistles the new radio system has.  I know we will enjoy it.

John hooked up our Wii today.  Yeah!!!  He finally had time to go through all the electronic stuff and set it up. 

Annie and I went off to Kohl’s, JC Penny and Borders Book Store.  Annie bought a Sony E-Reader today.  She can’t wait to use it.  We found a few sale items at Kohl’s so we were happy.

Later on John and I made another grocery run, this time to Kroger.  There were a few items I forgot to pick up yesterday.

I finally remembered to get a couple of pictures of the view from our site at the park.   It was just about to get dark.


003  This is the view from our living room window.

Laugh everyday.  Happy trails.  Stay safe.


  1. Nice view you have there. I arrived back at Millwood Landing late last night. Sure you don't want to come visit for Thanksgiving? Have a wonderful holiday!

  2. I LOVED your last photo..It seemed somehow very calming and peaceful in that low light....Have fun with the new radio!

  3. So calming. I can't wait to get back to water scenarios. Have a great time!