Sunday, March 27, 2011

Give me a cookie…..please.

Woke up to a cold 23 degrees this morning.  Luckily the temperatures rose during the day.  This afternoon John decided to make another batch of his homemade chocolate chip cookies.  Fred stood by as the first batch came out of the oven.   So sad he could not have one because of the chocolate chips.  I gave him one of his doggy treats instead so he was happy.


Fred watching John removing cookies from the pan.

A little later Fred was doing his dance at the door and wanted to go out.  By this time it had warmed up quite a bit.


Look 37 degrees outside. Woohoo!

Since it was warmer Fred and I walked around the park a little.   I did not see the ducks or geese today.  So no pictures of wildlife.  I did take pictures of the bridges Fred and I crossed.





Laugh everyday.  Happy trails.  Stay safe.


  1. Home baked goodies are the best on cold days!

  2. To bad old Fred couldn't be a tellin' the story of the chocolate chip cookies. Somethin' tells I.M. it mite be told somewhat differnt. Maybe we'd be a herein' bout John havin' to taste test nigh on everyother one or some such tail. :)

  3. The weather in Florida was hot and muggy! I like the cold better.