Monday, March 14, 2011

Trip to St. Louis Arch

Up early this morning to drop of Fred at the local vet for boarding.  John and I are going to St. Louis to tour the Arch with Tricia, William and Emily.  It snowed all the way from Leavenworth, Kansas to St. Louis.  Before we left the park this morning I took a few pictures of the snow. 






We made it to St. Louis without any mishaps.  There were a lot of vehicles in the median of the road.  Our tour of the Arch was at 4:00 just in time for the rain and sleet to catch us. Oh well, we enjoyed our tour and had a great time. 


Emily and William


Me, William, Tricia and Emily



William, John, Tricia and Emily


Emily, William and Tricia after getting to the top of the arch.


John and I after getting to the top of the arch.


Here are a few pictures I took from the top of the arch.







It was still raining lightly when we left the arch but John was able to get a few outside photos.


Standing under the North leg looking up.


Windows at the center of the top of the arch.




By the time we left the arch we were ready to search out some dinner.  We ended up at a place called First Chinese Wok Buffet.   After the dinner stop it was back to the hotel for the night.


Laugh everyday.  Happy trails.  Stay safe.


  1. Nice pictures, with lots of smilin' happy folks, of what that Arch looks like on a bad day. Bet them Chamber of Commercial fellers ain't happy to see ones like that posted, supposed to be all bright and sunny every day. A lookin' at 'em almost give me a neck arche myownself.

    Safe travels.
    Me and Nilda's blog

  2. That snow stayed just South of us:)
    Will let you know about a visit this week..I have to get an MRI on my foot, not sure when yet...
    LOVED your pics of the snowy St. Louis..great idea!

  3. Glad to hear you made it to The Arch & back home safely. Hopefully this is the last snow around here this winter — but it's snowed in early April before, so Winter may not have let go of us yet. Love the pic of The Arch from dead center looking up — very abstract looking.

    ~~ Glenda ~~