Monday, March 28, 2011

John gets a hair cut.

Still cold here but the weatherman says it will be warming up in the next few days.  This afternoon it actually reached 39 degrees.  Wow that is close to 40 degrees.  I think I could stand that for a while.  John took advantage of the warmer temps and ventured outside to cut is hair.


Today it was two degrees warmer than yesterday at this exact time.  I just happened to look at the clock at the same time two days in a row.  That is funny.  I guess that means I have nothing to do. LOL


Here is John after his hair cut.   Looks like he did a good job.

Fred and I took advantage of the warmer weather and walked to the other side of the park.   We didn’t see anyone else out and about.  It seems everyone is staying in.


Pavilion on the other side of the park.


Cabins on the other side of the park. 


Laundry and bath house.


Not many RVs on the other side.

Tonight the low is supposed to be 24 and, if the weatherman gets it right, it will be the last night of the low 20s.  Woo Hoo!  Time to heat things up. That’s what I’m talking about.

Laugh everyday.  Happy trails.  Stay safe.


  1. NICE HAIR CUT, JOHN!!!! We are suppose to get warmer temps this weekend,...yea, right. I don't believe them anymore...

  2. I.M. were hearbraken after gittin' to the end of yer post. Y'all showed everythin' there was to see on the other side of that park execptioning the besterest part of all. Ya didn't have no photo of Fred over there.

    I.M. a gonna keep bein' yer reeder cause I.M. knowin' there is hope fer ya, but I wouldn't be syruprised if Fred starts lookin' fer better doggy treats one of these days, y'all neglectin' him so much.
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