Friday, October 14, 2011

Brats, Bingo and 10 Penny.

Woke up to sunny skies this morning. Yeah!! Looks like the rain has finally moved on.

John and I rode into town with Mike and Leslie to look around in some of the outlet stores. Leslie and I looked for our favorite sandals in the Crocs store but they did not have any. We are still wearing the ones we bought last year but wanted another pair. The sales lady showed us several different styles. We tried them on but were not satisfied with the fit. Oh well, we struck out on that. During our outing today we also stopped in at Kohl’s but didn’t see anything we couldn't live without so on to Wal-mart we went.

Tonight John and Mike grilled some brats for dinner. We tried two new flavors; pineapple jalapeno and apple. They were both delicious.


Mike and John setting the table.


After dinner we rode over to the clubhouse for bingo. We played 10 games and John won the round for the person with the sorriest card. LOL Since the night was still young after bingo we decided to play some 10 Penny. I won the first round and Mike and Leslie tied on the second.

Laugh everyday. Happy trails. Stay safe.

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  1. Jalapeno brats sounds good...not so fond of the apple idea....Looks like y'all were enjoying it!