Saturday, October 8, 2011

Mike and Leslie have arrived.

This morning John and I road over to a town called Amsterdam to McBee’s Bratwurst General Store to check out the bratwurst. They have 30 flavors of brats plus a meat market. A very nice little store. We bought pineapple, cordon bleu, jalapeno cheddar, pepper jack and Philly teaser brats.

Later this afternoon John and I were sitting outside waiting on our friends Mike and Leslie to come in. We spotted them coming into the park entrance and expected to see them within a few minutes. After a few minutes had passed and they had not arrived we knew they had probably taken a wrong turn. The campground is located in the very back of the park and cannot be seen from the front gate. While we were waiting Leslie called and asked where we were. The guard directed them the wrong way. John got in the truck and drove down the road to see if he could find them.


Yeah! They have arrived.



They parked in the site next to us.

After getting parked Mike and John worked on Mike’s landing jack while Leslie and I visited.


Fred was so happy to see his friend Leslie.

Tonight John grilled a package of the pineapple brats and Leslie prepared some squash and sliced peaches for dinner. The pineapple brats were so good they would make you want to slap somebody. LOL I bet the other flavors will be just as tasty. Of course the night would not be complete without playing a round of 10 Penny. Tonight Mike was the winner. Way to go Mike.

Laugh everyday. Happy trails. Stay safe.


  1. Having company is fun! Any chance you'll head to this part of Kansas before moving on?

  2. Those brats really packed a punch, Huh? LOL. Always enjoy reading your posts, although I've been MIA lately!
    Thanks for sharing your life with us...we love it!