Thursday, October 27, 2011

Convection oven fixed!

The rain moved in this morning as well as cooler temperatures. It was only light rain so it wasn’t so bad. Today was our scheduled appointment to have the new heating element installed in the convection oven. The repairman arrived shortly after 11:00 and did not leave until 1:35. I am so glad my convection oven finally works again. I baked some potatoes and a cake. Yeah!!!

We had some questions about the new axle. We were having a wear problem with one of the tires on the front axle and sent pictures to Lippert Components, makers of the axle. They said it needed to be replaced and when we got to a place long enough they would ship it to us for replacement under parts and labor warranty.

It seems the leaves on the trees in the park have changed overnight. I thought they were pretty enough to take a few pictures.


The trees across the street from our site.




The trees behind us.



Later this afternoon Mac and Netters came by for a visit.

Tonight Mike and Leslie and John and I combined our meat and vegetables for dinner. Afterwards it was time for some 10 Penny. Leslie won a round and John won two. I think Mike and I need a rematch. LOL The cards were not kind to us tonight.

Laugh everyday. Happy trails. Stay safe.


  1. So far, my oven hasn't broken. One can only hope it stays that way. Glad to hear you finally got yours fixed. :)

  2. Hope the axle fix works for you...It didn't for us with the Cougar. I probably mentioned we had BAD tire wear...I believe the tires were called "Mission", and I made sure the Hiker didn't have those kind on it when we ordered it! Good luck, hope that axle fixes it!!!

  3. Oh more fix it's! I have to tell you these autumn picture you've posted are stunning! We don't see such beauty in our neck of the woods! Have a restful and peaceful weekend to come. Hugs, Loretta