Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Grouse and babies.

Up very early this morning as John had to be ready to leave for chainsaw class by 7:00 a.m.  Ugh!  This morning I worked with fellow volunteer Judy to check trails for downed trees.   This is one of my favorite jobs because you never know what you are going to see on the trails.

 Saw these guys on the way to Tea Cracker Trail.

We traveled down Tea Cracker Trail and enjoyed the scenery and the sounds of the birds.  There was only one downed tree.  It was very small and Judy and I moved it out of the way. 
Our second trail to check was River Road Trail.  Judy was telling me about a lady named Donna who, with the help of her dog Annie, finds and bands the new woodcocks.  Her dog wears a special collar and has been trained to spot the woodcocks.  Very interesting.  We arrived at the River Road Trail and got out to enjoy the scenery from the bridge.  We hadn't been there very long when Judy heard a noise.  When we turned around it was Donna and her dog Annie.  Wow, we were just talking about her.  It was cool to meet her and her dog. 

Donna and her dog Annie. 
Annie taking a break. 
We didn't find any downed trees on the River Road Trail and we started back home.  Judy stopped so I could see some more yellow Lady Slippers. 

These were larger than the ones I saw last week. 

We jumped back in the truck and just a little ways up the road we saw a Ruffed Grouse with eight chicks standing in the road.  Judy pulled over and we got out to take photographs.  We noticed someone speeding up the road so Judy motioned for them to slow down so the Grouse and her babies could get safely off the road.  It took a few minutes.  The mother went into the thicket and started calling her babies.  They finally followed their mom. 

This afternoon I worked at the Visitor Center.  We were rather busy with phone calls and 48 visitors.  I didn't see any Orioles today, just lots of Red Winged Black birds, a Blue Jay and several Gold Finches and  the usual red squirrel.

Tomorrow John has chainsaw class again and I will be riding the trails with Judy.  It should be interesting.  Hope we see lots of wildlife tomorrow. 

Laugh everyday.  Happy trails.  Stay safe. 

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