Friday, July 25, 2008

Busy Day Today

Got off from job #1 at 8am and headed to job #2, ended up pressure washing sidewalks in front of 3 stores before lunch. Picked Bridget up at noon and we went to our local plate lunch hang out. Today was catfish, FF, hush puppies, slaw, cherry cheesecake and tea, Bridget ordered salad instead of slaw. Dropped her back off at work and ended up cleaning out 3 service areas before getting off at 3pm. When I got home our neighbors had cut their yards so before it started raining I cut ours as well. After getting cleaned up I retired to my recliner which is were this is being written. Bridget gets off at 5pm and is usually home by 5:15. Heading to chat this evening.

Stay Safe


  1. Hi FD, Won't you be glad when you no longer have to mow your yard ? One of the perks of FTing. The only time you would might have to mow is if you were wo*kamping !!
    Happy Trails. Penny, TX

  2. That's so funny!! Rod used to do the same thing when we had a house. If the neighbor mowed he had to mow too. LOL