Saturday, July 26, 2008

Up At Six

Well we both had to work today, we were up at 6am, morning routine, breakfast, ready, set, and out the door we go, 7a-3p for me, 7a-3:30p for Bridget. Normal day at job #2 plus watering plants, that crew was sick. We had lunch at Bridget's office, they have a kitchen, Speedy's favorite, hot dogs, also had chips and a drink. Made it home only to find out the master key had fallen off the key chain for our cart we drive so back to job #2, luckily not to work but drop the key off. Back at the house in my recliner, Bridget stopped off at the store for groceries, should be home shortly. Will be in chat tonight.

Stay Safe

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  1. Hey and you didn't call me over to eat...what kind of friend is that .Going to start the HWH project tomorrow. I will let you know how it comes out if I don't kill myself doing it. I looked at pulling the unit out but there is too much to undo and with my luck I would never get it back together. Oh wee late my friend

    Joe and Sherri