Friday, July 18, 2008

Job #1

Started with the normal routine, at work by 7:30. Today was the last day for Fire Academy For Kids, a week long safety program put on by our public fire safety educator, Assistant Chief Carter Hill. He does an excellent job with the kids teaching them fire safety and basic first aid. It has been a long day. You can check out the city's website at

Tomorrow Bridget and I will be going to my sister's house in Byhalia, MS to visit her and my mother and aunt. My mom and her twin sister live with my sister. In the early 1990's my mom and dad started fulltiming in a class A. In 1995, my mom's twin sisters husband pasted away and she joined them. The 3 of them had a blast together traveling the country. Illness brought them to a travel end in 2005. My father passed away in 2006 from cancer at the age of 76. They were 5 days apart in age, dad Febuary 22, mom and aunt Martha Febuary 27. Mom has alzheimers and takes medication that seems to have it in check, she has good days and bad days, mostly good ones.

That's it for now,

Stay Safe

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