Wednesday, July 16, 2008

RV Dreams 2008 Rally, Branson, MO

The fine folks in the RV-Dreams chat room have sent me to this site so Bridget and I can start blogging. We had a great time at the RV-Dreams Rally in Branson, MO back in June. Hugs and a great big THANK YOU to Howard and Linda Payne for having this rally for the fulltimer wannabees. We are in the process of setting up to full time sometime in 2009, will know date in January 2009 after visiting with PERS to set up retirement date. If you are thinking about RVing visit for an unbelievable amount of information.


  1. Good job! Looking forward to hearing about your preparations for fulltiming!

  2. OK we are hooked...keep it coming I love to read people I know so I can spy on their every move LOL See ya on chat

    Joe and Sherri