Thursday, July 17, 2008

Normal Busy Day

Started today off with the normal routine of get ready for work, coffee, breakfast then out the door to job #2. Job #1 is the fire department, job #2 is facility maintenance at a local mall. I work a 24 hour on shift (8a-8a) and 48 hour off on job #1. My days off from the FD are spent on job#2 or with Bridget. Normal day at job #2 (7a-3p), got home and flushed the RV 12 gallon water heater. Have to get an anode rod for the water heater. After that I went and got a haircut, back at the house waiting on Bridget, she tells me if she is cooking or if I am taking her out to eat.

Title of Travels of John and Bridget will make more sense after I retire, but for now it will do.

Stay Safe

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