Friday, December 26, 2008

Busy Is All I Can Say

Started off at the mall 7-3, slow day by myself, about to head to lunch at noon when the 3-11 guy shows up. Since I had just talked with my brother from Florida and he was about 15 minutes away I asked Alan if he wanted to work my last 3 hours, he said that was fine with him. I left work heading to drop off the deer meat to have it processed then to the house. When I got home my brother and SIL were there as well as Bridget. She told me the body shop called and said the truck was ready to be picked up. We dropped off the rental and picked up the truck. When we got home from that my brother was hungry being on Eastern time zone. We headed out to Hamil's, it was closed so we drove to Brandon and ate at our favorite Mexican restaurant Aztec's. On our way back to the house we made a Walmart stop. Back at the house in the recliner.

Stay Safe

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