Thursday, December 18, 2008

Getting The Van Back

Still foggy, finally warmed up into the 70's but will be back in the 40's first of next week. Slow at FD today, usual EMS calls and a smoke in a house, HVAC problems no fire. My brother and his wife will be up from Florida the day after Christmas and we will go up to my sisters that weekend then bring my mom back down with us to stay for the week. Instead of me calling them, they called me and said the van is ready so Bridget and I will pick it up tomorrow. Back to a two vehicle family even though it is for sale. Hopefully paid my property taxes for the last time today. Looking at ordering the trailer tires next week, Goodyear G114 LHT 215/75R17.5 LRH from the place Howard and Linda got theirs from.

Stay Safe

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